BARRIOS TLV – about the project

A cooperative residential complex in Tel Aviv, for single-parent families and the third-generation population, which includes independent units and collective spaces for active community life and significant value to its residents.The complex’s design and life are focused on providing a response to social, emotional and economic needs, as well as living in an innovative and pleasant environment.


BARRIOS CoHousing model

Our Package includes the following basic conditions:

·      Apartment in the complex compact units in innovative design

·      Shared innovative and pleasant designed spaces – kitchen, dining room, laundry room, sports and activities spaces, work space

·       Package includes payment for rent and related basic expenses

·       Fixed and long-term rental no guarantees needed or long-term liabilities

·      Community life in the communal spaces will be managed by a community manager who will create content and connect the residents of the compound

·       Possibility to receive additional services with additional fees

BARRIOS TLV – Opportunities for single-parent families and the third-generation population

·       The communal and human need urban loneliness is increasing among young and old alike

·       Planning needs  lack of substantial suitable housing alternatives for individuals, adults and small families

·       Practical need – many people no longer own an apartment, they consider apartmentas a service

Impact and Social Value


The planning and community management of the complex will enable residents to live a balanced, social and empowering life.


 ·       Community life with meaning and empowerment

 ·       A supportive environment for children – exposure to a multi-age environment, belonging and security

  ·       Employment solutions for the third generation and improving the quality of employment for single-parent families

 ·       Practical tools for household management and support for raising children

 ·       Strengthening the status of single-parent families with the community support surrounding them

 ·       Support for a healthy and balanced lifestyle that promotes sports, nutrition and social life values


The Barrios Team

Adv. Hagit Ross

Senior Attorney In the areas of the Capital Market & Securities Law Legal Management.

Tammy Plutzer

Real Estate Appraiser,Management & Economic Business Accompaniment..

Adv. Lynn Steiner

Entrepreneur in the areas of Real Estate & communities, Director of Marketing & Community leadership.

Maya Edri

Owner of the restaurants “Kyoto” & “Athenika”, Director of Marketing and Operational Management

Karin Weger

Real Estate Developer, CEO of Weger Group & Project Supervise.